Arvest / Bruin Cross Country to Host the Bruin Mile October 1st!


BARTLESVILLE CROSS COUNTRY BRUIN MILE (SPONSORED BY ARVEST) IS WEDNESDAY (OCTOBER 1st) AT MID HIGH @ 4:15 PM.  We (and the 400+ elementary participants and 600+ observers/fans)  It is sponsored by the Bartlesville Cross Country team. 


Here is the schedule for the BRUIN MILE 

3rd and under Girls                         4:15 PM

3rd and under Boys                        4:30 PM

4th/5th Girls                                        4:45 PM

4th/5th Boys                                      5:00 PM



Over 400 kids ran the Bruin Mile last year.  The event is attended close to 1000 people.  We invite all of the Bartlesville elementary physical education instructors to bring their kids and to have them wear a distinctive school t-shirt.  The kids get extremely excited - you'd think it was the Olympics! 


The Bruin Mile is staged by the Bartlesville Cross Country team each fall at the Bartlesville Mid High.  The one-mile race course is a cross country route that loops through Sooner Park.  The team members serve as "rabbits" and coaches to the elementary-age runners, with team parents providing support on the course and at the finish line.  The top 20 finishers are awarded medals and all participants receive a race ribbon.


The Bruin Mile is a wholesome community event that helps students bond to their classmates and schools.  It also introduces children to long-distance running and hopefully ignites an interest in a life-long commitment to physical exercise.  And lastly, the Bruin Mile is a wonderful recruiting opportunity for the Bruin Cross Country program!


We have about 100 kids on the team this fall most of which ran the Bruin Mile as an elementary student and then decided to come out for the sport.